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A British scientist was sent to India 100 years ago to teach advanced agriculture. After studying Indian farming, he wrote a book explaining that the knowledge of Indian farmers was far more advanced than in Europe. Indian methods of organic farming thus reached Britain where an institute was set up. They called it the INDORE METHOD of farming. Later on, a top American scientist visited Britain to learn this technique and established the most prestigious agriculture institute in the USA for research on organic technologies. Now, many foolish Indians think we are learning organic farming from the West.

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30 Comments on “Vedic Origin of Organic Farming | In Conversation with Vandana Shiva @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Vandana ji and Rajiv ji……..hats off to you both……communists and colonial rule took take our precious wealth both monetary and textual and rebranded. It’s time to gain our lost glory back 🙏🏻

  2. Hero
    Belfast Ireland love luck and laughter xxx 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀💯💯💯👌👌👌🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🙏🙏🙏💖

  3. Thanks for the great video, many of my questions are getting clarified. In coming days i will try to donate some part of agriculture income. 🙏🌞 Pranams Namaste.

  4. Here in Slovenia exist a legendary tale about "Indija Koromandija" (india coromandia). Our prechristian culture has many Vedic elements. I want to learn more about Vedic Agriculture. I am swallowing words that this Lady speaks

  5. About the anti-biotech activist Vandana Shiva: Shiva has attracted intense criticism from the scientific community for perpetuating long-debunked myths about agriculture, biotechnology and food safety.

    "Shiva is scheduled to speak in late January at Stanford University and the University of California, Santa Cruz on “equitable and sustainable” farming methods. Her positions on a variety of issues have irked and at times outraged scientists who consider her a disseminator of misinformation who profits at the rate of $40,000 a lecture (or more) to spread propaganda critical of mainstream views of biotechnology. Raised in prosperity, this Indian Brahmin was formally trained as a philosopher, embracing and promoting a form of Quantum Theory that is now widely dismissed. She often falsely claims that she is a trained physicist, and those false ‘scientific’ credentials are often echoed by her supporters. The GLP has carried numerous articles about her history of misstatements and fabrications (here, here, here). She was the subject of a scathing critique, “Seeds of Doubt,” by Michael Specter of The New Yorker, which documented her history of misleading claims and what Specter maintained often verged on anti-science gibberish.

    For more than three decades, she has relentlessly campaigned against globalization, focusing on food and agriculture socio-economic issues and an opposition to GMOs, free trade and intellectual property rights. She alternately promotes land redistribution, indigenous and peasant farmers’ rights, organic-only food production and ayurvedic health practices over conventional medicines, all of which she characterizes as an “earth democracy” movement necessary to restore “harmony,” people and nature.

    Shiva receives financial backing from high-profile activist groups such as the Center for Food Safety, which shares offices with her in Washington. Among her most controversial talking points is her false claim that there was no hunger in India prior to the Green Revolution. The truth is almost 180 degrees the opposite, as the Green Revolution, marked in part by the introduction of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides enable massive increases in food production. A recent review of the evidence shows, “the production of cereal crops tripled during this period, with only a 30% increase in land area cultivated.” Shiva also blames the Green Revolution for increasing poverty, indebtedness and despair among farmers. Her notorious allegation that the introduction of insect-resistant GMO crops in India led many farmers to commit suicide has been evaluated and dismissed as inaccurate. Shiva is also a fierce opponent of so-called Golden Rice, a crop engineered to combat vitamin A deficiency in developing countries.

    In response to the scheduling of her two talks at Stanford and UC Santa Cruz, 39 scientists from around the world co-authored an open letter to both universities protesting the invitations. The signatories told the GLP that their aim is to alert the events’ organizers, participants and attendees to the numerous falsehoods in Shiva’s philosophy. The letter, reproduced below in full, blasts Shiva for her “use of anti-scientific rhetoric to support unethical positions.” Neither university has scheduled a scientist to present the evidence-based case for crop biotechnology."

  6. "In June 2014, Indian and international media reported that Navdanya and Vandana Shiva were named in a leaked, classified report by India's Intelligence Bureau (IB), which was prepared for the Indian Prime Minister's Office.[47]
    The leaked IB report raises concerns over the foreign-funding of Indian NGOs whose campaigning activities, the report claims, are hampering India's growth and development. In its report, the IB said that Indian NGOs, including Navdanya, receive money from foreign donors under the 'charitable garb' of campaigning for human rights or women's equality, but instead use the money for nefarious purposes. "These foreign donors lead local NGOs to provide field reports which are used to build a record against India and serve as tools for the strategic foreign policy interests of the Western governments," the IB report states.[48]

    Investigative journalist Michael Specter, in an article in The New Yorker on 25 August 2014 entitled "Seeds of Doubt",[10] raised concerns over a number of Shiva's claims regarding GMOs and some of her campaigning methods. He wrote: "Shiva's absolutism about G.M.O.s can lead her in strange directions. In 1999, ten thousand people were killed and millions were left homeless when a cyclone hit India's eastern coastal state of Orissa. When the U.S. government dispatched grain and soy to help feed the desperate victims, Shiva held a news conference in New Delhi and said that the donation was proof that "the United States has been using the Orissa victims as guinea pigs" for genetically-engineered products, although she made no mention about that those same products are approved and consumed in the United States. She also wrote to the international relief agency Oxfam to say that she hoped it wasn't planning to send genetically modified foods to feed the starving survivors."[10]

    Cases of plagiarism have been pointed out against Vandana Shiva. Birendra Nayak has published on her plagiarism involving copying verbatim from a 1996 article in Voice Gopalpur in her 1998 book Stronger than Steel.[51] Several paragraphs of an article by S Faizi on the Plachimada/Coca-Cola issue published in The Statesman in 2015 were plagiarized by Vandana Shiva in an article she published a year later.[52]

    Journalist Keith Kloor, in an article published in Discover on 23 October 2014 entitled "The Rich Allure of a Peasant Champion", revealed that Shiva charges US$40,000 per speaking lecture, plus a business-class air ticket from New Delhi. Kloor wrote: "She is often heralded as a tireless 'defender of the poor,' someone who has courageously taken her stand among the peasant farmers of India. Let it be noted, however, that this champion of the downtrodden doesn't exactly live a peasant's lifestyle."[53] Wikipedia – Shiva

  7. Myles Power article on pseudoscience activist frauds:

    "With a quarter of the world’s population currently in lockdown, time has never been better for these frauds, as they desperately try to shoehorn their particular flavour of conspiracy and quackery into the current crisis. Some, like Vandana Shiva (who I covered in my last instalment), are master manipulators who eloquently weave the ongoing pandemic into their narrative, to further radicalise their rabid fanbase and push their agenda. Others, however – like MIT senior research scientist and fruitcake Stephanie Seneff – are not so skilled.

    Seneff, a woman who claims that one in two children will be autistic by 2025 by simply extrapolating back from current trends (and therefore presumably thinks that number will increase indefinitely), appears to remain on her never-ending quest to blame glyphosate – the active ingredient in Round-Up – for, well, everything. Despite not having any medical training, and previously aligning herself with a cult to help them promote bleach enemas to autistic children, this computer scientist not only believes she is more than qualified to comment on the current crisis, but also that she has found circumstantial evidence linking it to – you guessed it – glyphosate. Seneff disguises her findings in the blog post “Connecting the Dots: Glyphosate and COVID-19”, where, unlike Vandana, she has all the eloquence and panache of Alex Jones dressing up like a gay frog to warn us about the dangers of atrazine."

  8. It took me ages to find her book in print as in the UK it has a different title and is called:
    Onenessvs The 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom. Does look like she
    is being censored by the biggest bookseller online, I found her book on Waterstones and Ebay, thank goodness

  9. When we grow excessive grains and products we are disturbing availability of fresh water that is stored inside. Fresh water is more important than any excess stores of grains.

  10. No one vandana millions
    Vandana we need now South India Tamil nadu
    I personally invite her.. To changes my states I give
    The🌎🇮🇳 world nerl down her feet we have one of organic grand father Namalever…mother of farmer👨‍🌾 India💯🇮🇳
    Science Tamil nadu
    Bring the 🌎world agree cultural heritage sites
    Off course sindu. Saraswati. With out can't indian history📖 that nature
    Demolished.. Kavey bed
    Krishna. Ganga… All river
    Aryian means river civilization.. ஆறு aru 6
    Faces called aryan 6 hindi
    Chay-6 says 66 said- 8
    6+6=8 how📖 that is vedic
    Maths 69 6=9..this critical
    Scientists👨‍🔬 Callution..
    Watch means watch..
    What means what💯👌

  11. To update your general Knowledge Mr. Malhotra … before the invention of chemical fertilisers, the whole world was doing organic farming, not only India …. today the most followed organic farming practise in India is biodynamic farming …. which was invented in Germany by Rudolf Steiner …so please do not make false claims …. Vedic knowledge cannot be claimed by any country…. it is a blueprint for living peacefully and in prosperity on our planet earth and was once spread all over the planet

  12. In times like these …where actually we should work together as human beings , you create divisions …. not very nice… actually you should be ashamed , and yes please do come back from the foreign country you live in and help India on the ground …. then I believe you that love your mother country

  13. some say we hate the west, no that’s not true. we ‘re just saying we don’t want to become like west, our system is good for us , and your system is good for you

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