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Everyone poops. But who wants to actually deal with it? Ecologist Sasha Kramer literally works with poop and thinks about it every day. She is helping to transform human waste into fertile organic compost for agricultural use in Haiti. #BestJobEver
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Transforming Human Poop Into Eco-Friendly Fertilizer | Best Job Ever

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21 Comments on “Transforming Human Poop Into Eco-Friendly Fertilizer | Best Job Ever @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. In Arkansas I have a house with the usual septic tank. However I use a composting toilet and this allows much nutruent recycling into my fruit trees and blueberry bushes. The benefits are amazing. And there is no smell.

  2. Hears something that may help you out! Like in Babylon and other Desert communities such as chaco canyon and the Pleb low and other places they had a secret. How did the turn Desert dry land into an oasis . This has been lost to time till now. Hears what my ancestor say they did. They took clay jars and packed them with green leaves and added human pee. Hears what I tell people to day how to make 100 percent nitrogen the natural way. Take a five gallon bucket pack three quarters full add human pee for three days in the Sun then add more pee till full put into the Sun for two weeks mix take two cups of this and add one gallon of filter water or rain water or well water. Put on plants!😅

  3. I wish they could make diapers that were fully compostable and completely safe for the baby. Couldn't diapers be made from a softly processed hemp fiber or bamboo then the filling could have some kind of chemical free sawdust/milkweed combo for the filling so when the baby urinated or has a bowel movement you change the diaper and put them in designated baby diaper compost areas that can be sent to a specialized place for processing into fertile soil. Babies manure will be less likely saturated with chemicals, pharmaceutical drug residues, pesticides, etc than adult manure.

  4. The West pretends to help the developing countries but in fact this is fake help. If it was effective then how come these countries have been like this since their "independence"?

  5. I grew up in the country and we had a septic field. Wherever that septic field would run underground, the grass would be crazy green and grow like mad. I have seen the effects of human waste as fertilizer first hand.

  6. My Idea, to heat process human waste, into a dry substance. ship it to the desert, mix it with sand. thereby creating a Garden. to expensive. well just use all local settlements in that area. I am sure it will be a bonus to them all. Briddy UK.

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