This FERTILIZER stops bud fall and flower fall in vegetable plants Tamil @ Saveagri.ORG

in this video you will come to know about a solution that protect the plant from bud fall and flower fall in vegetable plants in tamil


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  1. I'm facing the same problem with my tomatoes, chillies and now with new brinjal plants. Fist bud bloomed but it was dropped. Now 4buds were formed, I will apply this fertiliser to get the complete fruits in future for my cooking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Potassium and prosperous rich feetulizer prepared out of banana peels ,papaya feels abd jaggery ensures good harvest and yield. My peerkankai flowers drop down inspired of artificial pollination. I shall use this fertilizer 🙏

  3. Effective very use fulbest information. Bannana feel,pappaya fruit ,some jaggery mixing grinder this fertilizer given to roots leafs given sprayer just know seeing that.thanks.

  4. 39. Useful potassium rich fertilizer. 1/4 papaya peels, banana peels n jaggery n grind in mixie n add 1.5 litres water . Leaves for 5 days by opening n closing the lid to release the gases. Mix 3/4 litre to 20 litre water n pour to plants

  5. 100k subscribers give away task No. 138. Hi sister, பப்பாளி தோல், கனிந்த பழ தோல், வெல்லம் கலந்து வைத்த உரம் ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்குது. God bless you.

  6. No. 124 100k
    Mokkal lit with 20 lit ver and ilay tharalam, banana,peel papaly peel vellam grind it and place dark place one and half lit mix and shake open lid onne time… Give this is besst sis thank u

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