The Only “Sectors of the Indian Economy” Class You Need to Attend in 2023 | Class 10 @ Saveagri.ORG

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All the ideas of the Indian Economy and its various sectors simplified so that you can ace your CBSE Board Exams of 2023. All this and more brought to you by none other than Aishwarya Ma’am.

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9 Comments on “The Only “Sectors of the Indian Economy” Class You Need to Attend in 2023 | Class 10 @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. hw: Disguised unemployment does not help to enhance the productivity of the country because of the following reasons:
    i) Disguised unemployment is hidden unemployment of people where people appear to be employed.
    ii) Their contribution doesn't bring any change in the production.
    iii) If they are removed, production still remains the same.
    Thank you very much mam for covering this chapter in one shot type stream. I was waiting for this revision for this chapter is done in my school long back and term is coming up. This helped a lot but to enhance it more, we can have a quiz.

  2. Dear byjus please make extra sessions for class 10 as my half yearly exams date sheet has came so I need the session

    Pleaseee byjus really needed such sessions

    And the sessions was very helpful

  3. Disguised Unemployment is a type of unemployment where apparently a person seems to work but there is no need for his efforts as the total person involved is more than enough, there labour effort gets divided and eventually they end up in less income and are not enhancing country's productivity… In disguised unemployment everyone seems to work but no one is working in his full potential. If we take out few people from a certain activity in which disguised unemployment is a major issue like agriculture then the production or the amount of final goods and services won't get affected and possibly these people can be provided better opportunities which will increase their total family income and will enhance the productivity of the country…But in Disguised employment more people are engaged then required and are contributing less than other sectors that have significantly lesser people.

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