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Rose leaf burn is an injury caused by scorch, burn due to insecticide /pesticide and fertilizer. This video describes the main reasons and steps to overcome this. Burn also happens due to salts in the soil or deficiency. Water roses thoroughly before treating with pesticide, fertilizers. Spray them during the evening hours / early morning when the heat is low.

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What are signs of over fertilizing?
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  1. Very very useful tips mam. ennoda pink snow rose plant mattum Everytime Saaf spray pannuna marunal leaf burn aahidum mam 😧.
    And yesterday ennoda 70% roses hard prune pannivitturukaen mam. Thank you mam.

  2. Same thing I did 😔.
    I sprayed pesticides and also gave fertilizer after 2 days.. This caused leaf burnt.. Evryday I remove burnt leaf, but by next day, few more leafs get burnt.. This is continuing for a week.. 😟😢😭 even 10+ new shoots got burnt, it's sad to see my rose plant like this everyday

  3. Hi Nimmi mam.. atleast 2 out of 4 or 5 buds in my rose plant gets burnt at a time even at an earliest stage when buds are too small.. only remaining ones blooms properly. Can u pls tell me why this happens and a solution to it pls?

  4. 🌹🌹🌹Thank you nimmy sis….👌very useful messages… Can u upload about root prooning sis… ..pls…. & planting in land…. 🙏🙏🌺🌻🌿🌸🍀🌼🌷🍃

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