Organic Fertilizers for plants | 20 Organic Fertilizers|Natural Fertilizers|Best fertilizer Tamil @ Saveagri.ORG

Organic Fertilizers for plants | 20 Organic Fertilizers|Natural Fertilizers|Best fertilizer Tamil
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In this video we are going to see 20 Organic Fertilizers Natural Fertilizers for Plant

Different Organic Fertilizers for plants. Tips to use Organic fertilizers.
All plants needs nutrients for healthy growth. Plants will take nutrients from soil. Soil quality is important for plant growth.
Plants need nutrients to germinate, to grow, to fight disease and to reproduce.
Today we are going to see Organic Fertilizers
Fertilizers may be dry or liquid. Both gives same amount of nutrients to plants.
Liquid fertilizer: It directly absorbed by soil and quick release of nutrients.
Dry fertilizer: Water carries the fertilizer from soil to root zone.
20 Organic fertilizer
Types of Organic Fertilizers and How to use them
1 Grass clipping tea:
Grass clipping tea is high in Nitrogen. Nitrogen is important for leaves. They have NPK.
Steps: Take some grass clippings place it in a bucket. Fill it with 1 Litre of water. Mix well. Cover it.
Keep bucket away from sun. Leave it for 4 to 5 days. Stir it daily.
Filter it use this liquid to plant. Can also dilute it by adding equal amount of water.
We can also spray this fertilizer to leaves as foliar spray.
2. Onion peel fertilizer
Onion peel fertilizer is organic potassium rich fertilizer for healthy plants. So don’t throw onion peels, just make fertilizer. It is also rich in Calcium Iron Magnesium copper. Onion skins can be used for mulching. Peels will decompose slowly and adds potassium and calcium to soil.
Soak onion peels in 1L water for 1 to 2 days. The color of water changes to red. Now filter it and use it.
3. Cow Dung:
It is high in organic materials and rich in nutrients. It is best organic fertilizer for plant growth. Use 6 month aged cow dung. Can be mixed into soil or used as top dressing.
4. Goat Dung:
High in Nitrogen. Improves soil quality. Good fertilizer for plants. Mix in potting soil.
5. Banana peel water:
Nutrient rich fertilizer. Rich in potassium. Potassium is necessary for creation of flowers and fruits.
Soak a fresh banana peels in water for 2 to 3 days. Use this water.
Take banana peels, Grind the banana with water peels and leave the liquid for 2 days. Use this Liquid.
6. Compost:
Compost is rich in Nutrients. It gives essential nutrients for plant growth. Compost enhance the soil. Compost adds beneficial microbes to soil. Use top dressing for soil.
7. Vermicompost:
Vermicompost is nutrient rich organic fertilizer. It provides micronutrients to plants. Use it as top dressing.
8. Rice wash water
Rice wash water can help plant growth.
Steps: Leave the Rice wash water for one day. Then use this for plant.
9. Tea Powder
Tea waste have high fertility value for soil. Used tea powder make fertile environment.
Sprinkle them onto soil.
10. Coffee grounds:
It contains Nitrogen and also several key nutrients for plant growth. Sprinkle them onto soil.
11. Vegetable Peel water:
Soak Vegetable Peel in water for 2 days. Filter it then add this liquid to plants or make a thick liquid
Grind it. Put it around soil. Cover it with soil it will slowly decompose.
12. Egg shell Powder: It enrich soil by providing calcium. Sprinkle them onto soil.
13. Jaggery:
It will increase the microbial activity. It increase the absorption of nutrients by plants.
Add jaggery to water leave it for 4 to 5 days. Then use this liquid to plants.
14. Neem cake
Neem cake is obtained from neem seed kernel. It contains NPK micronutrients. It is good fertilizer and also good for pest control. It can be mixed with potting soil. It protects root from nemotodes.
15. Mustard Cake:
It is obtained from mustard seeds after extracting oil. It has lots of NPK and lots of micronutrients.
Mustard cake is good fertilizer for all plants.
Add 50g of mustard cake in 1 litre of water mix well. Cover it. Stir well. Keep it for 4 days. Stir well every day. To make dilute for 1 cup add 10 cups of water. Then use 100ml for each plants.
16. Peanut cake fertilizer:
It has high nutrient content. Good for plant.
17. Fruit Peel water (Pomegranate Peel)
Pomegranate Peel gives macro and micro nutrients. It gives phosphorus, potassium, calcium and Magnesium.
Soak Pomegranate Peel in water for 2 days. Then use this liquid.
18. Seaweed:
Seaweed gives lots of micro and macro nutrients to plants.
It is good organic fertilizer.
Mix 3ml to 1 Litre of water and use this to plants.
19. Bone Meal:
It is slow release fertilizer. High in phosphorus. Phosphorus is important for strong roots.
Mix it in potting mix before planting.
20. Fish Meal:
It is good organic fertilizer. Rich in nutrients.
It has NPK. Strong supply of nitrogen.
Mix 10ml in 1L of water and spray it or pour it.


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