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This education video was produced by Director, ICAR Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod in Tamil and highly useful for extension officials and farmers. ICAR CPCRI developed package for ‘Organic farming technologies for coconut cultivation’. The video provides scientific tips on organic recycling in coconut gardens, vermicomposting techniques using coconut residues, vermicomposting in coconut basins, coir pith composting, keraprobio, basin management, integrated farming systems (IFS) and high density multispecies cropping systems (HDMCS). A team of staff of the institute involved in the video production and produced with support of FFTF fund of NABARD, Kerala regional Office, Thiruvananthapuram. Dr. K.Muralidharan is cheif editor and Mr.Syam Prasad, production manager and chief coordinator of the video. The scripts are by scientists of respective disciplines.


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