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This video explains Definition, History, Concept, Need of Organic Farming. It also differentiate between Conventional and Organic Farming. Please like video, Comment and Share with others.

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1. Organic Farming- Definition, History, Concept, Need

2. Organic Farming -Principles, Aims and Objectives

3. Organic Farming – Components

4. Organic Farming- Advantages and Disadvantages

5. Organic farming in World

6. Organic farming in India

7. Nutrient Management in Organic Farming

8. Organic Manures, Farm Yard Manure

9. Compost Process, Phases, Requirements, Microorganisms in composting

10. Various Methods of Composting

11. Vermicomposting Technology

12. Vermiwash: Preparation, Nutrients and Use

13. Mulching

14. Green Manures

15. Biofertilizers

16. Liquid Organic Fertilizers- Jivamrit

17. Beejamrit and Panchgavya

18. Disease and Pest Management in Organic Farming

19. Organic standards in India

20. Organic Certification Process



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  1. Neha Tiple. Research scholar in Dept of Botany.. I am working on organic farming.. This course is very informative for me…thanks a lot sir..

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