48 Comments on “NPK 20:20:20 How , When and Why to Use / Application of Balanced NPK Fertilizer @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Sir usually am using Fish amino acid to calathea nd Aglonema.but the growth is very slow.so i want to use chemical NPK to the plants, but am confused, is that affect the plants badly.Sir, waiting for your valuable reply.

  2. Excellent info, thanks for sharing! I just started my garden for the year. I am curious what your feelings are in regards to using chemical vs. organic fertilizers on vegetable plants (which you will be eating….).

  3. Thanks for your informative videos. I have a question on npk fertilizer. My NPK mentions " For foliar use only " Can i use this in soil also ? Or can it only be used as a foliar spray.

  4. Thankyou sir for shareing valuable information with us I am from west bengal nadia I wanna meet you to gather some knowledge about plants
    Wishing you a very good helth stay blessed 😊

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