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Alchemy Talks video on Business Ideas where a Ancient Technique to raise Bund varapu around the agricultural fields is yielding profits with an additional benefit of bringing rains and saving water inside the soil in agriculture.

Farmer Gnanaprakasam is termed as “Varapu Vallal” who has taken the initiative to bring back the ancient Bund varapu around the fields as it has immense benefit as sung by the classical Poet Avvaiyar. The Business Idea is to plant trees in and around Varappu(Bund) as it can yeild results during its harvest such as Gauva, Banana Trees are beneficial.

Farmer Kannan of Tamilar Vellanmai has done his farm with Sugarcane and Paddy cultivation with Varappu(Bund) and it is serving him well.

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Alchemy Talks – Videos on Tamil Traditional Documentary & Talks related to Transform your Lives on Health & Wellbeing. Alchemy Talks have covered on Tamil Traditional values such as Organic Farming, Siddha medicines, Herbal treatments for Health. Alchemy Talks had promoted organic lifestyle products, organic stores, organic foods based on ancient traditions. Alchemy Talks is passionate to promote Ancient India arts and sports such as Yoga, ‘Silambam’ for Health, peace and wellbeing.

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Alchemy means Al-Chemy – Transformation term used in chemistry. Alchemy Talks aims to add value & transform our lives.

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Below are the Topics widely discussed in Alchemy Talks Channel:

❤️ How About Organic Farming:
Organic Farming Agriculture is the best for healthy body and mind as it promotes the use of natural manure than chemicals. The Negative ways of applying fertilizers or pesticides are highly harmful as we in turn also consume the same after harvest. Lot of people have also found Organic farming to be a successful and profitable business with some modern practices such as promotions, networking and support.

❤️How About Organic Products:
Mostly Traditional Millet based value added products, Natural Herbal based value added products are promoted as organic products. This also includes traditional rice and other millet based products. New and improved products based on people needs such as Instant Organic Foods, Foods that cure diseases are researched and promoted for audience.

❤️How About Siddha Medicines:
Mostly based on herbs and siddha treatments purify the herbal and earthly extracts to prepare siddha medicines. There are lot of ancient methods and process included to purify and prepare medicines. Siddha and Ayurvedic practices are promoted for wellbeing.

❤️How About Tamil Ancient Arts:
Ancient Arts & Sports include Silambam, Yoga, Surya-Namaskaram which promoted health and well being. Other forms are 8 based walk, traditional cooking recipe, traditional tea and herbal drinks. Natural skin care treatments and hair care treatments.

❤️How About Ancient Health:
People have modern problems like diabetes and cholesterol in general and up to Cancer and Heart attack & People wanted immediate cure. The main reason being poor lifestyle and eating the food which has harmful chemicals in it. Living the Ancient lifestyle is the best and natural way for mankind because it is time tested based on historical proofs. Modern Lifestyle attitude and negative focus of success is the root cause for misfunctioning world.

❤️How About Ancient Music:
Devotion in ancient times were address in the form of music and Tamil literature and Tamil poems have pann based ragas which are prior and earlier than the Carnatic period. Tamil poets and ancient Tamil literature are highly advanced in terms of music as Tamil has three types such as Iyal, Isai, Nadagam.

❤️How About Self Sustainable Business Ideas in Tamil:
Alchemy Talks promote about Self Sustainable products such as Solar Panels, Biogas, Water Management, Waste Management for better Soil & Environment.

❤️How About Business Ideas:
Ancient Books such as Thirukural have promoted Business values and discipline in its second chapter. Alchemy talks have promoted organic stores, siddha stores(nattu marundhu kadai) & other specialized professionals in ancient arts such as yoga, silambam and other forms of self defense arts. Business ideas based on value added products and services which are not harmful to health and environment are most appreciated.


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  1. I appreciate my friend who worked in Gulf countries for more than 20 years as Senior Electrical Engineer and now dedicated his efforts and commitment for the past 4 years towards Tamilar Velanmai. I and my friends circle only buy his products free from Fertiliser and Pesticides. The products are very tasty and delicious. He sells Organic rice, Brown sugar, Beet root malt in high demand. His Sugar cane farm was developed under guidance from his Guru Mr. Zanapraskasam, Tamilar Velanmai.

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