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Permaculture is a term used to describe an intentional system of agriculture and settlement that aims to reflect the interrelationships and sustainability of natural ecosystems. Permaculture can be seen in contrast to intensive agriculture, which eventually leaves land unfit for farming, gradually reducing the amount of land suitable for human habitation. Permaculture is an attempt to best use land so that generations in the future can continue to make use of the land in productive manners, allowing for personal subsistence. It draws from several disciplines including organic farming, agroforestry, integrated farming, sustainable development, and applied ecology.

Permaculture tries to look at a piece of land in a holistic manner, integrating every animal and plant living on it, and combining that with social structures designed to foster long-lasting agriculture as well. Each element of a food cycle is broken down into what it requires and what it contributes, and then each element is pieced together to form a dynamically self-supporting whole.

Permaculture lies on three ethics: care for the earth, care for people, and fair share. They form the foundation for permaculture design and are also found in most traditional societies. At the same time, permaculture moves beyond simply being a mechanical set of principles for the management of all cultures that can be used in designing sustainable systems.

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0:00 Introduction
1:14 Varanashi Organic Farms
3:10 Dairy Farming
4:18 Biogas System
5:59 Biogas Slurry Management
7:36 Natural Water Management in Agriculture
9:28 Multi-Layer Farming
13:31 Natural Weed Management System
15:39 Story of Jackfruit
17:46 Rainwater Harvesting
19:09 Cocoa Farming
22:12 Borewell Recharge Techniques
23:30 Mud House Construction
27:05 Plastic Lined Tank System (Polypond)


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Introduction to PERMACULTURE FARMING | Varanashi Organic Farms | Sustainable Organic Farming

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  3. Thank you so much ..I am ZBNF farmer from srilanka .I visit andra predesh and amrith bhomi farm .I really like to vist varnashi farm …and stay few days ..if it is possible

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