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This is Integrated Goat and Poultry Farming Shed. The shed is 24 feet wide, and 90 feet long. In addition, back storage of 10 feet and water storage are also available. The ground floor height of 10 feet with one side slope. Side slope helps in waste management.

Free-range Goat or Poultry Farm:
Free-ranging animals have become popular and for good reason. The space available near this shed can be used for free-range farming ideas.

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0:00 Overview
0:15 Intro
0:40 Integrated Goat and Poultry Farming Shed
1:46 Free-range Goat or Chicken Farming
2:37 Ground Floor Uses
3:05 Integrated Goat Farming
3:33 Integrated System in Poultry
3:54 Goat Feeding Tray
4:31 Feed Storage Facility
4:44 Can Goats and Chickens Live Together?
5:02 Conclusion
5:52 Integrated Goat & Poultry Farm Shed Glimpse
6:39 Outro

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  1. Most of the upcoming farmers does a great mistake that 90%of investment is spent on expensive infrastructure and 10% on livestocks…. but should be 30% infrastructure and 70% for livestocks…..I mean to say maximum on livestocks and minimum on infrastructure

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