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This video explains what are the macro and micro nutrients used in hydroponics. Along with that this video also explains the ratio to be used while preparing the nutrient solution for hydroponics

It is advisable to use RO water as the TDS will be less. Please check the TDS and Ph before mixing the nutrients. Stir the water well after adding each nutrient.

At the end again check the TDS and see if its in your desirable range. Else you might have to add nutrients or add water if you have to increase or decrease the TDS respectively.

You need to know the TDS requirement for plants and mix the solution accordingly

I I have used nutrients that I procured from Hemant Mishra from go garden especially for Tomato plants.

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  1. Sir small doubt how many days once change water and pair plant need how much amount of nutrient need and how many times add nutrients please tell full process

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