In this video we show you how we created a compost tea brewer out of a 55 gallon barrel to produce organic liquid fertilizer for our raised bed garden. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Things in this video (affiliate):
Aerator Pump:
Worm Castings (15lbs):
Fish Fertilizer:
Blackstrap Molasses (Unsulfured):

Compost Tea Recipe (50 gallons):
– 16 cups of worm castings
– 1 cup of fish fertilizer (or kelp)
– 1 cup of blackstrap molasses

Build Materials:
– 2 10′ 1/2″ PVC Pipe
– 8 45° 1/2″ PVC Unions
– 1 90° 1/2″ PVC Union (one side threaded)
– 1 1/2″ to barb fitting (size depends on aerator pump)
– 3 1/2″ tees
– 2 1/2″ caps

0:00 – Why We Need Compost Tea
2:04 – How We are Aerating
2:56 – Food Safe 55 Gallon Barrel
4:26 – Step 1: Making the Base
6:59 – Step 2: Supply Line & Top Bar
9:26 – Step 3: Putting it all Together
12:01 – Step 4: Air Supply Line
13:06 – Step 5: Drilling Holes
13:50 – Testing the System
14:49 – Making the Compost Tea
18:14 – Final Result & Common Questions
19:35 – Outro

A little about us:
In September 2015, our hearts were hijacked with the dream of living on a large farm, with community, growing food, caring for animals and loving on children in need of care and healing. It was a God moment, where our dreams collided with His dreams… a dream so big we could never do it in our own strength and wisdom. Since then, we have been on a journey to see that dream become a reality. This channel documents that journey.

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23 Comments on “How to make LIQUID ORGANIC FERTILIZER for CHEAP with this COMPOST TEA BREWER! @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. You don't need any of this… Grow Comfrey… Harvest 3 times, chop up leaves and stems. Throw it all in a plastic barrel, fill it with water. It's going to take a year to get your first fertiliser. Keep it going every year. It's the best liquid fertilizer you'll ever make. It has one problem problem… It stinks

  2. Good build. I made something very similar a few years back, put a tap at the bottom of mine & raised it off the ground. Makes for easy dispensing.

  3. You can get 20 times more nutrition by adding
    1. Gaukripa Amrutam
    2. Waste Decomposer – OWDC made by Dr. Kishan Chandra.
    Both are almost free, but you have to culture them at your farm site itself.
    Not only fertiliser you can make compost, growth promoter but also top class insecticide, virucide.

  4. Want to make sure nothing comes apart but can still be taken apart again get some stainless steel screws put them in each joint and it'll never come apart but if you need to change it just remove the screws and it comes apart easy

  5. Before I got my rain barrels, I used to let the chlorinated water sit for a week in my shed before using it. Fill up the barrel and leave the lid off. No need for vitamin c. Keeping it in the shed Keeps the bugs and creatures out for me but you may want to use a screen if you have mosquitoes.

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