How To Make Free Liquid Fertilizer From Almost Anything with this Ancient Method @ Saveagri.ORG

Could you feed your plants without buying any fertilizer?

This is how we feed a garden for free with fermented plant juice, AKA Dave’s Fetid Swamp Water. I thought I was clever, but the Koreans were hundreds of years ahead of me.

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If there was a fertilizer shortage, would you still be able to grow a garden? Do you know how to turn weeds into fertilizer? Today you’ll learn how to make your own liquid fertilizer/compost tea from readily available materials, like weeds, chicken manure, food scraps and more.

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35 Comments on “How To Make Free Liquid Fertilizer From Almost Anything with this Ancient Method @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Why would anyone think you could die from a compost tea? Farmer's use much harsher chemicals and even cow shit. I'm pretty sure eating shit isn't very healthy? But the plants filter the shit out. It's not in the literally in the plant. C'mon man. What do you think is in grocery store food?

  2. At what stage would you consider adding char to your swamp water?
    Ive been adding the fines(- #12screen0.084"/~2mm down to powered) the char absorbs the gasses produced retaining there nutrient components preventing the gasses from getting trapped and lifting the rotting mass up out of the water.

    2) what to do with smells ? My knose purity well dosnt work so not my problem , but my down wind nabors have knoticed enough to coment and ask what up to.

  3. Yes. I know it's a year old.
    There was a program called Beyond 2000. One episode had a guy doing this but he put meat, bones and everything into it.
    Once it starts it'll breakdown most anything.

  4. Ohhhhhh my goodness 😊you!!! Have made this SO SIMPLE!!! Man… I’ve had a headache over this for months… killed my fledgling green beans by putting grass clippings on them… 😮‍💨
    Who knew? They- don’t like nitrogen?! What the??

    I’m doing THIS!! Bless you brother… whewwwww. I feel so stupid!!!😩

  5. Nice! My compost bin is full of black goo and insects and i just put a water hose in the bin to add a bit of water and keep a bucket underneath the compost bin. Then i collect the black compost water that comes out. I call it compost tea but maybe it's somewhere nearer to fetid swamp water. Then i just dilute it a bit and water the plants. Using it in my hemp garden and the plants seem to love it. Made good medicine last year and I'm looking forward to harvest this year. Cheers to everyone out there enjoying their gardens.

  6. good stuff that technically jadam not knf and as far as getting sick from this… not gonna happen unless u drink the water the microbes in the soil to work to kill off bad bacteria
    i personally like aerobic but since u cant store it this is always a fantastic back up

  7. Yesterday I had to pull a tomato plant that was not doing well–some kind of fungal wilt. Of course I didn't want to put it into the compost pile, but was wondering if it would be good in the swamp water bucket? Since the fungal infection is aerobic and rotting in the an anaerobic condition should kill the fungus. Any thoughts?

  8. Anaerobic digestion will convert Nitrate (NO3-)aq to Nitrogen gas (N2)g. It will also smell bad. I do not recommend this method without an aerator. The air stones used for fish tanks work well for adding Oxygen.

  9. Oh my gosh, I already loved this video and then I heard you say you’re gonna die no matter what you do and I cracked up😂😂😂😂 thank u for this info and comedic relief ❤

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