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How to Make Fish Fertilizer at Home. How to Make Fish Fertilizer at Home out of fish scraps. Fish Fertilizer can do it yourself at home. We will tell you how to make Organic Fish Fertilizer and can easily do it yourself.
Fish Fertilizer is useful for all types of plants in the garden such as fruits and vegetables. Organic fertilizers for stimulating the growth of vegetables and fruits correctly. You can use the leftover fish to make without throwing it. Can be used for both freshwater fish and marine fish.
Fish Fertilizer is organic fertilizer, no harm, but benefits. It doesn’t cost much Because they use the rest of the fish to cook or the fish that have died from illness
Organic Fish Fertilizer is easy to make and can be made by yourself at home. Organic Fish Fertilizer is water type, so you can mix it with water and use it with plants.
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  1. use banana peel instead of pineapple and leave lid open and let maggots speed up process plus cut up fish. then simply pour onto your soil where microbes will break it down into usable plant nutrients

  2. Okay, but you don't need the sugar, the pineapple, or the milk. No reason to get fancy. Just bring home a bunch of extra pan fish with some of the pond water in it after fishing. I have mine in a tote. Let it sit a few weeks and then use it wherever needed as the growing season goes on, and yes it will stink. The plants don't care!

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