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How to make em1 or Effective Microorganism at your home with EM solution preparation in this video you can make your own cheap EM fertilizer.
The ingredients are easy to find such as rice, milk, and molasses. If you don’t have molasses you can use brown sugar too. Read step below to how to make easy EM1 solution. This preparation easy to follow.

Step 1:

Take 50 grams of rice, soak in 150ml of water non-chlorine. Separate the liquid of rice and ferment it about 7 days.

Steps 2:

After 7 days. the liquid change to murky. Put the liquid in the jar. Add 1.5 liters of milk. ferment it again about 7 days.

Steps 3:

After 7 days. remove curd and filter the solution. Add 600ml to 700ml molasses and mix well. Put the EM solution in the clean jar and rest it about 3 days before use.

It Done…


1 liter of water add 1 tbsp of EM, mix well. you can water or make it foliar to the plants or the raised bed. EM solution is good as fertilizer for your plants like pepper, chilli etc etc.


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  1. 50gr arroz em 150ml água pura, mexer, coar, engarrafar e descansar por 7dias. Dividir em 2 potes e acrescentar leite até 1/2 litro. Descansar e coar soro fermentado; acrescentar metade do peso de melassa, misturar, embotilhar e depois de 3dias poderá se usado nas plantas, diluído de 1×10 em água.

  2. I thought you were making EM 1, this is just L.A.B.S. lactobascillus is just 1 part of 5, yeast, mold, putrification. LAB is a good start and part of KNF

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