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Cultured pearl
Kovai Agro Farms Focusing on Integrated Farming like goats, cattle, poultry, fishery, Pearl Culture and Organic Spirulina Production to support regenerative agriculture. We manage our cattle ethically and humanely they are handled using low stress stock handling techniques. The animals are cared for and always have access to clean clear drinking water and a healthy quantity and quality of feed.
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மொட்டை மாடியில் நன்னீர் முத்து வளர்ப்பு | pearl farming | cultured pearl | biofloc pearl farming
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BE பட்டதாரின் கடக்நாத் கோழி பண்ணை | 120 தாய் கோழிகள் Kadaknath Chicken farm | AYRAA FARMS PALLADAM
தென்னையில் ஊடுபயிர் கொடுக்கும் உன்னத லாபம் ! ‘ஒருங்கிணைந்த பண்ணை – சாதித்த MBA பட்டத்தாரி
இலாபம் மட்டுமே 3 லட்சம் | கல்லூரி முதலாவது ஆண்டு மாணவன் நடத்தும் பால் பண்ணை | | Young Businessman

How to grow Pearls at Home | Oyster Farming at Home
How to do pearl farming
Harvest of Mussels & Pearls
Pearl Farming in tamil
The following video provides basic information about freshwater pearl culture which can be used
by some beginners who are interested in starting a pearl farming. In fact, pearl cultivation is one
of the problematic aquaculture business especially if you want to start from scratch. The main
advantage of pearl farming or pearl culture is the high market value. Apart from this, the final
product is lightweight and non-perishable.
Pearl is considered as a natural gem and is produced by a mollusc. Pearls are the most beautiful
gems available to us and their stunningly aesthetic beauty is the reason why they are so popular
around the world and these pearls are sold for a good price in the market. Where do these pearls
come from? Well, while the natural pearls are found in seas shells whereas the cultured pearls are
made when mussels are nucleated through surgery which initiates the pearl forming process.
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  1. Me and my friend attended tis pearl farming training on 14th June 2022, Total waste of money and time, it's not easy as the vlogger or the trainer explain in videos.. very vague explanations on facing real time difficulties for growing the mussels, no proper business plan. Materials what trainer provides is very easy to buy from market, but the materials what he asks us to buy from outside before we start is very difficult to collect in a short period as the mussels we die before that, Mortality rate will be high as we have to buy everything from the trainer again and again, he didnt disclose any brand or where to get mussels. After my personal calculation to earn 30k every month I have to invest 25k every month, caz 30k I can buy 500 mussels in that after 50% mortality I can earn 30k after 12 months. 12 months is a long duration as anything can spoil the show, PPL will filthy money can give a try…

  2. Sir ur effort went into vein….. He didn't give proper information in a flow. Even if u interview a farmer he will say completely. But this guy purposely missing the connecting dots. Simply I just feel like he will not give space for a competitor growth or something like he would like run a one man show.

  3. கேரளாவில் கோழிக்கோட்டில் இந்த சிப்பி மீன் அதிகமாக கிடைக்கிறது.

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