19 Comments on “How to grow adenium plants/Desert Rose/fertilizer/Repotting/Tamil/care/Anitha’s gardening tips @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Hi …Anitha… It's a Classic video towards Growing of Desert Rose and it's Maintanence. Your TG is amazing as it contains lot of Vibrant varities of flowers… Fresh Blooms & Healthy yield.
    Tips such as Soil Mixture, usage of water, Sunlight & Repotting method is clearly & neatly explained.Especially Repotting Bonsai plant & tips related are awesome. Nice Informative video.
    Excellent…Keep Going 👍

  2. Good explanation Anita. But I think that best time for reporting is in December and for pruning is in February. I have a collection of more than 50 varieties and most of them are grafted by me.

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