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The video shows how to fertilize a mango tree, what is the best NPK fertilizer for mango trees, homemade mango tree liquid fertilizer, mango tree fertilizer schedule and recommendations. Also when to feed NPK fertilizer, what to feed and how much to feed your mango tree in Australia, India, USA and elsewhere.
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When To Apply Fertilizer to mango tree?
Which Fertilizer is best for mango tree? What fertilizer to feed mango tree?Homemade Mango tree fertilizer for high yield of fruits
What fertilizer to feed to prevent mango fruit dropping
Fertilizer Schedule: When to feed mango tree?
When to feed and how much to feed your mango tree.
Does your soil absorb nutrients from mango fertilizer?
What to feed if your mango tree does not fruit or produce fruits that are not sweet.

Growing a mango tree from seed

Grow mango tree from cuttings

How to care for a mango tree

How to force a mango tree to bear fruits

How to prune a mango tree

Mango tree grafting

How to apply potassium nitrate spray to mango tree for more fruits
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Mango seed germination

Monoembryonic and polyembryonic mango seeds

To separate Polyembryonic seedlings

Difference between Mono and Polyembryonic mango seeds

Polyembryonic seeds produce fruits in a few years

3 year old mango tree producing fruits

2 year old mango tree producing fruits


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12 Comments on “How to Fertilize a Mango Tree : Homemade Fertilizer for Mango Trees @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Thanks a lot for providing very useful information about car of mango plant.
    I have a query, if we don’t have peanut cake can we use mustard cake? If yes then please let me know the quantity. Thanks a lot

  2. Hi. Can I use Alaska fish fertilizer "more bloom 1-10-10"
    ? There is another Alaska fertilizer with 5-1–1 ratio. Do you think these are good fertilizers for mango trees in containers?

  3. Hi sir, we recently started organic farming of mango, planted with vermicompost, trichoderma viride and neem cake.. please suggest for further fertigation how, when to apply

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