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This video describes the care and guidance tips for newly planted rose explained in Tamil. In this video we discuss about aftercare needed for roses after planting them. Some easy tips to follow while planting and preparing the potting mix. Watch my other videos to know more about how I prepare potting mix for Roses and other plants in my Garden.

Rose potting mix video. This can be used for other plants in the garden. –

Potting Rose plant –

Pesticides used – KEM
Fungicide – Saaf

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  1. I also bought another rose which seems to be a slightly bigger type compared to the others which are button rose type about 1.5 inch dia only. This one when I bought had one flower which bloomed but after that some leaves started developing black spots and slowly the leaves started blackening. I removed them and sprayed Neem oil. Also to the soil added some well dried near leaves. Now the black spots stopped and started getting some new shoots but after an inch or two growth with small red leaves they stopped. Some shoots became dried and dropped. Am I over watering? So far I have not re potted any of my new roses as I was a bit hesitant. I have the pots ready with some peat and soil mix but so far did not do a repot. Any idea what is happening to this rose why new shoots become brown and drop. Still some shoots are there and hood I can save them

  2. தொட்டியில்வளர்க்ககூடியசெடிகளுக்குமுதல்எதிரிமண்புழுதான்.நீங்கள்இடகூடியஇயற்கைஉரங்களைஉணவாக உண்டுவளரகூடியது.செடிக்குதேவையானசத்துகள்மண்புழுக்குஉணவாகிவிட்டது.அதுமட்டும்அல்லமண்புழுமலகழிவுகள்தொட்டிமண்னைகளிமண்ஆக்கிவிடும்.செடிவளர்ச்சிசரியாக இருக்காது.கவனிக்கவும்.

  3. புதிதாகரோஸ்வளர்க்கமண்கலவைசரியாதவறாஎன்பதைஅறியவக்ழிஇது
    செடிவாங்கிய உடனேநடவேண்டாம்நடுதரதொட்டிஏதுவாகஇருக்கட்டும்அளவானதுளைஅடிஅலலதுபக்கவாட்டில்இருக்காதொட்டியில்பார்க. இல்லைஎன்றால்துளைசெய்துகொள்க
    நீரானதுதுளைவழியாகஎப்படிவருகிறதுகுறைவாகவாஅதிகமாக அப்படியேஇருக்க எவ்வளவுநிமிடம்ஆகிறதுபார்க்கவும்.கால்மணிநேரம்எடுத்துகொண்டால்மண்கலவைசரி.குறைவாகஅதிகநேரம்எடுத்துகொண்டால்மண்கலவைதவறு.இதைசரிசெய்துகொண்டபின்புதான்செடியைதொட்டியில்நடவேண்டும்.

  4. Hi nimi sister, very very informative 👍👌. I have a doubt, in your other video about giving fungicide you told fungicide and humic acid needs to be given during potting mix before planting rose so???? 🤔 Should I have to give like that OR wait for 2 weeks and then give please clarify my doubt. And also tell me why we need to cut the buds etc in rose . Bought from nursery. What will happen if we don't cut the buds etc. Please please clarify.
    KEEP GOING you are doing very well 👌

  5. Sis na Rose sedi vangi vanthu vachean potla vaikama coverlaye irunthuchu nallathan irunthuchu oru nal matum water vida mudiyama poitu.. leaves ellam kanjchi poitu But brown agala ipo leaves e illa.. Recover panna mudiuma? Plz rpy me

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