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The Asil or Aseel is an Indian breed or group of breeds of game chicken the name Asil means pure chicken breed . It is distributed in much of India, particularly in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.it has been exported to several other countries. Similar fowl are found throughout much of Southeast Asia.

Asil are mainly classified into three types

1.large size asil –
large asil is the breed more than 4-7kgs meanwhile large asil are also classified into two types Heavy bird , medium bird like ~ kulang Asil(origin Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu),tekar asil(origin Andhra Pradesh, odisha, chattisgarh, tamilnadu),Armullan asil(Kerala)

2.Medium Size asil –
mostly in between 4-3 kgs like Madras asil , long tail parrot beak aseel

3.Short size asil –
Mostly in between 3-1.80 kg mostly all they are rezas . the small size rezas are very spead and agressive the birds are mostly in northern India around 1.80 kg to 2 kg , in southern India rezas are around 2-3 kg weight with big muscles

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Aseel pempakam History of pandem Kodi | భారతదేశంలో కోడి పుట్టుక ఆనవాళ్లు | Asil breed history|History of Aseel | Assel breed history |Bhimavaram kollu | Jathi kollu pempakam | Natu kollu farming telugu | Peru cross Bhimavaram kollu | land fowl | pandem kollu farming | poultry | poultry farming | poultry farming in Telugu Indian aseel breeds Old bloodline aseel

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