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High Density Guava Farm is the latest technology adopted in planting Guava Trees.

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In this video, we will show all you wanted to know about guava plantation. Guava Plantation is an important fruit crop in tropical and subtropical regions. Guava Farming is in demand in domestic as well as international markets as Taiwan Pink Guava, Red Guava and Taiwan GUAVA Cultivation is done more in South India. High density planting for higher return is achievable every year. Guava farm after 3 years of planting in Tamil Nadu. Organic Guava Farming and High Density Guava farm in Tamil Nadu

Air layering guava tree should be done every 6 months for proper Guava Cultivation. Harvest Guava is done after 2 years. 600 Guava plants are planted in Guava High density Planting is done in an acre. Every guava plant can yield more Organic Fresh Guava fruits in the farm. Here organic guava farm is done with any chemical pesticides and insecticides. Guava Pruning Method is every important for Taiwan Pink Plantation in the Guava High Density plantation. Pruning Management in High Density Guava Orchards is done every 6 months. Pruning Management in High Density Guava Orchards.

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