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Goat manure as fertilizer: how to use

Is goat manure good for fertilizer? Goat manure, like sheep manure, is drier than cow manure or horse manure. It has less odor and is easier to work with and composts more quickly. Goat manure is higher in nitrogen than horse and cow manure. Using it instantly after being poop out is not advised. We need to compost it first. The preparation is very simple, you just need to dry it out completely. Dry it out in direct sunlight for a week, and store it in a cool place for another week. Doing this will speed up the process of composting. Prepare a screen to separate bigger poops. Getting only the fine manure will allow it to mix well with other soil without a high concentration. You can create a more efficient screen sieve, I’m too lazy.

I have two methods that I usually use in applying goat manure. First, mix it with coco peat for seed germination, it provides nutrients for proper growth of plants. Second, mix it as a major component ratio in your potting mix. I usually added 10% of goats manure in my mix. Third, you can easily make a goat manure tea for your plants using the fine ones. The bigger manure can be added to your compost if you have one. Or, you can grind this to make it finer, it’s not advisable to use directly as having too much nitrogen is not good.

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  1. Awesome video I really enjoyed it! Thank you! 1 question do you still provide your plants any other bottle fertilizer when feeding or does the goat manure contain all the nutrients the plants need so we just need to feed regular water no added nutrients?

  2. Pwede po ba direct mag sow ng seeds/or plant seedlings sa screened dried manure?

    Sa ibang video po Pure cow manure as potting napaka ok din ng growth ng plant.

    Salamat po sa reply

  3. should i crush the tiny manure balls to turn it to powder? i got mine and it's mixed with a little bit of soil but don't know if leaving the tiny manure balls out of the fine dust would be a waste

  4. Video men kabhi disturbing background sound na play kia karen hospitals men raat ko sab patients ko bahot disturbing lagti hai sirf apni baat ko kam shabdo men hi bataya karen Ham qb dusri videos dekhen ge….

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