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In this video I show you how to make Fish Hydrolysate in only 2 weeks!… This is very different from the JADAM fish fertilizer from a previous video that takes 3-6 months…this stuff DOES NOT USE LEAF MOULD.. this stuff is ready much faster so its best to make both and plan on using the JADAM fish fertilizer for next year and this fish hydrolysate for this year….

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  1. Confused… In point of view about the microbes is required for this. And also to the LAB syrup. Can one use just the combucha brew as a starter, or sauerkraut liquid…? In the other video I told that I made LAB syrup, and that it seemed to lower the soil pH to even 4.2… I made the LAB syrup from store bought sauer milk with lactophilus acidophilus in it… Just diluted it and added equal parts of liquid and sugar to give it some shelf life.

  2. Y’all be careful with using only fish in your area that are plentiful or non native. I read one comment where someone used a smallmouth in there brew which is fine if you’re in Michigan or some other northern state but where I am in the Ozarks our smallmouth are an endemic variety known as the Neosho Smallmouth and quite honestly I’d rather use a cat than harm one of these incredible bass. Just pay attention to local laws and ask an actual fisherman what would be beneficial for both you and your local waters.

  3. I started my fish hydrolysate following instructions & using a clean 5-gal. bucket and at one week I uncovered it to check it out and there is mold spots, green and white growing on surface of solution. I used an old clean 100% cotton T-shirt tightly attached covering over top with string helping cotton cloth stay put and with the plastic bucket lid just lightly sitting on top- unsealed. Is the mold bad, or has it ruined my solution under surface?

  4. I just harvested my Fish Hydrolysate after 3 weeks. I was having trouble with my blender and just hacked the fish up and put the head in also. WOW, not a single bone left! Amazing…It's all liquidized!

  5. I just harvested my Fish Hydrolysate after 3 weeks. I was having trouble with my blender and just hacked the fish up and put the head in also. WOW, not a single bone left! Amazing…It's all liquidized!

  6. I drink the fertilizer and i was in hospital and in coma for 1 year. I lost my speak, hear, and cant walk. So strong was the Fertilizer. No I am in Wheelchair.

  7. One of the best fertilizers i accidentally msde was about a decade ago when i was still young and spaz-minded. Had a giant tote outside that happened to collect rain water from its location, and when id be all stoned standing outside I'd frequently piss in it.

    I had some expired tilapia filets that i threw in there for whatever reason 😂

    Left it for a few months before i thought "i should dump that stuff" and noticed there was zero smell. Dumped it into some geranium pots and they EXPLODED with dark green foliage in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Obviously all the piss probably made it high nitrogen which provided those monster vegetative growths but it was super cool and eye opening when i was only like 23 yrs old

  8. I followed the instructions you gave here exactly. Not sure if it worked though. It’s been sitting for four weeks, so I decided to strain it. A couple things I notice which has me questioning… 1. the smell is pretty awful. Even with the water lock, it smelled up the whole garage. Doesn’t smell like rotten fish, more like really stinky garbage. 2. Looked like a lot of white mold on the top. Not fuzzy, just chunky. 3. It’s not a dark rich color. More like pinkish beige. About the same color as when it started. What do you think? Is it any good? Should I use it?

  9. Your videos are informative. I did try this. Its been exactly a month for today but I still see fish skin and also it is still like water not semi (thick liquid) what else can I add to it to make the process faster. I live in NC and the temperatures are 68-95f in range .

  10. Im wondering if i ruined my first batch, i was in a rush when i made the hydrolystate and did not get all of the curds out of my labs. I am at the 2 week mark of letting the hydrolysate sir and i juat popped the top on the bucket. There is a fair anount of curd on the top with mold growing in it. Am i safe to strain this and feed it to my plants? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you

  11. I been thinking again, if my normal JLF (55 gallon drum) is ready. Can I convert it into the fish one buy just adding some ground up fish and waiting two weeks. How many fish or pounds of fish would I need for a 55 gallon drum? Thank you

  12. Thank you for your informative videos. So I made the lactobacillus and now am 3 weeks into making fish hydrolysate. When it's done should it have a yeasty smell and does it look like brains on the top? Thanks again for the info, it saves me a lot of money buying it.

  13. I have a ? I did it, I wait like 3 weeks when I open it I was expecting a dark color but it is like chocolate milk color is that ok? Or it should be dark brown ? Should I use it? I don’t know what to do, please answer me asp please.
    Thank you

  14. just scored 5 gallons worth of fish guts from the ocean today. I really dont want to use my only blender for this…..seriously….
    but thanks for the recipe anyways…. all my Jadam fertilizers are working very well….

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