farming is science. process of growing fresh vegetables by Korean scientists. @ Saveagri.ORG

farming is science. process of growing fresh vegetables by Korean scientists.

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@ Saveagri.ORG

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  1. None of these plants have ever seen the sun, nor soil, have not had any contact with insects, were not blown by wind… Just remember how you feel escaping the city.. exchanging it for a day out in the Nature. Why not just sitting in an apartment with led lights eating vitamins and walking on carpets? Why is that not enough?! There are studies on plants – how they live, what kind of life they are as natural creatures, how they thrive and communicate. Nature is far more than just essentials for maintenance. We need to put into our bodies where every cell has a basic consciouness and a DNA-code knowing the Nature for millions of years that which is of Nature – that, which has won its life and place and through all its cycle of life had adequate conditions. So we get that energy and information in their DNA about life and Nature. Seeing these hi-teq greenies is very depressing. (Having tasted greens from the garden and knowing The difference, still hoping for the Natural to win over people's minds)

  2. the problem of indoor vertical farming is the price. it is true that these process are beautiful but not working in larging amount to feed the world

  3. yetiştirme süreci çok zahmetli ve fazla iş gücü lazım, dağıtım kısmı ayrı zahmetli ..1 marul yaprağı için 1000 kişi desem yeri..Topraklı tarım en güzeli ..

  4. In the context of Korean scientists growing clean vegetables, you are probably referring to advances in agricultural technology and practices that aim to produce safe and high-quality vegetables. This can involve techniques such as hydroponics, vertical farming, precision agriculture and controlled environment agriculture, all of which integrate scientific knowledge to optimize growing conditions. of crops and minimizing the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Great, excellent, wonderfull.

  5. It's too bad M&M's are so easy to make with machines but healthy organic foods are labor intensive. Every plant was the most perfect head of lettuce I have ever seen.

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