Boost Your Aquarium Plants with DIY Micro Fertilizer! @ Saveagri.ORG

This video is about DIY planted aquarium fertilizer or micro fertilizer for aquarium plants. I use this homemade aquarium plant fertilizer in my planted tanks and have got very good results so far.

Materials Required :

1. Dry EDTA chelated micronutrients mix –
OR, Plantex CSM-B / other products with similar chemical combinations

2. Liquid Carbon –

Required Amount (Teaspoon) : 1 tsp approx.
Note: Teaspoon amount mentioned here is level teaspoon, not heaped. This should be taken as an approximate amount.

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39 Comments on “Boost Your Aquarium Plants with DIY Micro Fertilizer! @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Hi Kaushik, I am using this and your macro diy in my planted aquarium. So far I have seen good growth. Will these two be sufficient to get the redness in rotala and Ludwig. Right now they're mild Red.

  2. Dear sir

    I have 4 feet length 2 feet height 2 feet width fully planted tank with 200 watts lighting how many ml I wanna dose macro micro & iron fertz

  3. Hi Mr Kaushik, I need your help.
    1. My aquarium water is cloudy with floating particles.
    2. Plants getting covered with dust like particles.

    Is it because of more fish load. I have 3ft aquarium. With tetras, barbs, mollies and guppies.

  4. Last question before starting my journey of planted aquarium tomorrow: What would you suggest for fertilizer for a 3×1.5×1.5 tank and 2x1x1 sump, this one, or aqua zone set or apt 3, which would be ideal or at least good for red plants also.

  5. Your vidoes are very informative. I have been growing aquarium plants successfully, but I've noticed that the leaves of some plants are eaten. I did notice some fish eating the plants and put them in another aquarium. However, the plants in the first aquarium are still being eaten. Can you advise on which fish to beware of? The plants are of the long, bushy, fine-leaf variety. The plant in question is Cabomba.

  6. Just a small query. You've mentioned that RO water must be used for preparation. I have Bisleri water, but although it goes through an RO process, it is re-mineralised and oxygenated. Is this water okay for preparing the fertiliser?

  7. Hello! I see that you add Glutaraldehyde to your DIY fertilizer mixes.. Is it safe to add Glutaraldehyde for any type of DIY ferts to prevent fungus?

    I am planning to make a micro DIY fert using Plantex CSM+B, and macro using Potassium Chloride + Magnesium Chloride (no phosphate + nitrate dosing as I'm running non CO2 tank)

  8. Hi sir
    I don't know anything about planted aquarium
    do i have to make all these fertilizer in your diy playlist or just one is enough
    If one is enough which one is best

  9. Hello Dada
    I just purchased this product and mixed it as your recommendation
    the colour of my mixture is light green unlike your's golden brown
    any issues ?

  10. 1. EDTA CHELATED MICRONUTRIENTS and Seachem Flourish Exel were the same ?

    2. GLUTARALDEHYDE and Phytocrab were the same ?

    These two items are very costly. Please suggest another two items which will be cheaper than these.
    Thank you.

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