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The Glow Green Biotech is a scientifically established organization committed to deliver high quality compressed biogas suitable for our vehicular propulsion and highly enriched liquid and solid bio organic fertilizer to improve quality of life of farmers, human health, soil and environment in general. Zero adulteration and our integrity are the basic values of organization.

Around 2012-13, Dr Salim Channiwala, an engineer who worked as a director at Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology in Surat, was left deeply impacted when he lost four relatives to cancer. Reports suggested that the illness had been triggered by a heavy dose of chemicals and pesticides in vegetables.

Moved by the incident, Dr Salim, who had been in this profession since 1981, decided to address the issue of food toxicity. He vowed to work towards a cause that would benefit the health of the masses, and decided to ensure that no chemical substance is used in agriculture. And making an effective organic fertiliser was a feasible move.

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  1. Glow Green BioTech Dr.Salim Channiwala is a great worrier fighting against the issue of food toxicity and giving a solution through scientifically provable non chemical fertilizer to the farmers and farming industry.

    Complete indigenous design he has conceptualised and executed and very good Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA is a system of software and hardware elements that allows industrial organizations to: Control industrial processes locally or at remote locations.) he has used and a marvelous contribution to Society.

    Being an Academician and Engineer, he has extracted all his knowledge and experience to the maximum to bring out the this plant.

    And the Bio compressed CNG is environment friendly by product to run the automotive.

    Highly enriched liquid fertiliser and solid bio organic fertilizer are natural food for the plants to give toxic free food suitable to human body system is well addressed to prevent Cancer is an enormous job done by Dr. Salim Channiwala. He deserves the highest award by the Nation.

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