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best fertilizer for all plants : in this video we have explained about making a best fertilizer for all plants and this is an organic fertilizer with high potassium value.
if we check its NPK value then it is roughly near about 0-3-25 to 27 which is good for any plant that is ongoing in flowering and fruiting stage.

So in this video we have explained the making of best fertilizer for all plants but still something remain then you can write us and we will try to answer you within 24 hours. For writing us please sign in youtube with Gmail account and after this you can write us.


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In Organic Gardening YouTube channel we use organic way for growing and caring of our garden’s plants. In this channel we always try to give you all gardening related information and suggestion like
soil preparation
making of organic fertilizer and types of organic fertilizer for plants
making of organic pesticides and natural pesticides
home garden beauty care tips related to plants that we brought from nursery
and many more information related to organic way of gardening.
we always try to include all gardening related topics in our suggestions like
balcony garden
outdoor plants
flower pot
plant pots
ornamental plants
water plants
low light indoor plants
vegetable plants and many more planters.

So please watch our channel regular to learn the creative way of organic gardening and also give your valuable opinion to improve more.

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40 Comments on “best fertilizer for all plants ! Organic fertilizer @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Hello. Great content on your channel. Instead of making a liquid from the peels, if I add dried peel powder in the soil, will it have the same potassium enhancing effect? Also orange peels have an insecticidal effect. Will this powder in the soil have that effect on fungus gnats? Hope you can answer to my queries as am not finding any other source for these questions. Thank you.

  2. Why very less Subscribers for this Channel. How useful information about growing plants, and fertilzers and spil everything in a detailed way is being explained.
    Well I'm happy to join in as a new here.
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this informative video. Can I use this for indoor plants? I am afraid to use organic fertilizers for indoor plants as it can attract flies and other insects if not fully decomposed. Can you please suggest a good organic fertilizer for indoor plants

  4. Sir my flower plant is burning from down but from top its ok .matlab jo plant he wo uparse ugrahe he lekin niche se pate jalte jare…..what to do sir pleas help

  5. Thank you, can you talk about a fertilizer for all the fruit trees. My apples drop when they are little and also I want to boost the yield of the fruits .

  6. Thanks for sharing sir….
    Sir please tell me in this monsoon season which fertilizer or compost should i used for my indoor ornamental plants like aglonema,money plant,umbrella plant, singonioum, croton,rubber plant, peacelily, zz plant???

    And also suggest what to do if my indoor plants ( aglonema,money plant,umbrella plant, singonioum, croton,rubber plant, peacelily, zz plant) leaf is rottton???as in this season so many of my indoor plants leaf is rotton…

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