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Banana Bunch Feeding Technique: In this Technique, a month old bunch is fed with 6 gm of MOP and 6gm of Urea along with 100-200gm of Cow Dung from the tip of the bunch. this method of Bunch Feeding will help to increase the overall weight of the banana bunch and t the same time it will also promote uniform size of the fruit fingers…

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Will Update other parts of banana farming techniques. We have grown bananas using Harvested Rainwater, so we will even update the same …
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  1. You haven't explained the biological mechanism of how it works. It's be great if you can explain the biology of it. Otherwise, it'll be just an unscientific waste of time and money. As much as I understand, nutrients don't go in reverse from the fruit stem, that's my main concern.

  2. ,,, sir ,,is there any increase to bunch weight with urea and mop alone with out cow manure ?,,,,, and or replacing cow manure with chicken dung, an increase will also be possible?,, thanks in advance

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  4. never use chemicals in farming. specially urea..even if it is so small in quantity.. natural farming methods will give better yield and weight. more than that you will keep people healthy with you natural farm doing natural farming you can keep the earth healthy for crops, also the birds and animal and worms(earth worms).

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