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Today I will show you very easy method for get more flowers from your Anthurium plants. Every plant expends its energy to maintain the leaves well. So if we can save that energy in the plant, it will help to get more flowers from the plant. In this video I’ll show you how to save that energy and how to get flowers using that energy.
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  1. Mes a nthuriums me me satisfait pas du tout car soit les feuilles jaunissent avec des imperfections etil ne pousse qu une Fleur ratatinee .Des qu une feuille ou une Fleur commence a pousser LA pointe devient noir.Que faire esce qu,ILS sony malades

  2. I've always had luck with Anthuriums in Brisbane Australia, but yes, reducing lower leaves means more plant energy can be put into spathe (flower) production.

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