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This short documentary speaks about the amazing Medjool dates grown at AbuAyyash Farms located in Al Karameh in the Jordanian Valley of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, home to the world’s lowest elevation. This amazing location combined with the experience of many generations at AbuAyyash Farms produces the earth’s tastiest Medjool Dates.

This documentary showcases the world’s first and most advanced Italian Medjool sorting technology powered by artificial intelligence. We take you through all the processes AbuAyyash Medjool Dates go through to finally land on your table.

Artificial intelligence is shaping all industries worldwide every day, watch how it is being implemented in the Medjool Date sorting industry in Al Karameh in Jordan and the accuracy and speed it produces.

Al Karameh – Jordan

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20 Comments on “Amazing Medjool Dates Fruit Farming and Factory – Artificial Intelligence Date Processing Technology @ Saveagri.ORG”

  1. Coachella Valley Indio California
    Used to be the date capital. Back in the forties and fifties. I remember going through the old house little kid. Order my great aunts and my grandfather. She loved him so he stopped for her. She bad bankfull. Give me one
    Now I'm buying it..
    And yes they're still delicious.
    But not as good as it tasting it feel. I couldn't figure out why those bags were hanging upside down. On the palm trees and the letters didn't come all the way down to the crown.👍🏽✌🏽😊😎.
    Back in the early sixties.

  2. It's nutritious. It contains vitamins and fiberous and Iron containing food.Its sweeteness is incompatible.Allah's blessing.
    Hard working process.
    Grateful for efforts.
    Allah protect, Allah help &Guide.

  3. The BEST fruit…the best water…the BEST wealth of Oil…the Holy mosque's…the religious sites of the previous Prophet's… the Middle East.. controlled by Muslims ..yet the non Muslims are not heedful of these signs an still reject Islam 😮

  4. I was very Impressed! The Abuayyash farmers know what they are doing. You should note that the "Premium" grade is what would go to the banquet table, the others might go to the commercial side and be used in recipes.

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