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In this video you will come to know about 14 types fertilizer that we made with house hold things in Tamil

5 effective fertilizer for rose

3 in 1 karaisal, pesticide, fungicide and fertilizer

Iron for any plant

5 tips to grow lemon in tamil

Give solid fertilizer like this



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  1. 31. Very useful fertilizer with a zero waste management.
    1) lemon peel fertilizer- bright color flowers
    2) onion / garlic peel fertilizer- prevents the blossom end rot
    3) tea powder – mainly useful for indoor plants
    4) diluted sour idli batter – increases the bacteria in the soil
    5) milk pan washed water – helps in new growth of plants
    6)sour curd – increases the beneficial microbes
    7) water leaked from composr bin
    8) soya chunks water
    9) different plant leaves decotion
    10)ripened banana
    11)rice beer- helps to avoid pest n fungus . Also acts as a fertilizer
    12) drumsrtick leaves juice – fixes the harmone balance
    13) vegetable peel water soaked for 3 days
    14) fish washed water

  2. No 46
    My forty sixth video on NEW YEAR GIVE AWAY
    Lemon peel fetilizer – rich in vitamin C .. helps for flowering plant
    Onion and garlic peal.- vitamin A and C good for tomato 🍅plant especially
    Tea powder- rich in magenisum .. foe indoor plant
    Idly batter – more microbes .. for all plants
    Milk vessel cleaning water- rose plant..rich in Potassium magnesium and calcium
    Pulitha curd for microbes
    Compost tea from compost bin .. microbes rich
    Soya chunk.. only soya water is enough
    Guava and pomegranate leaf boil and give to indoor plants
    Banana gives good flowering
    Rice beer works as pesticide and fertilizer
    Moorugai juice helps for good growth for all plants
    Lady's finger juice helps foe good growth
    Fish water goid growth.. enhance cholophyll

  3. Na oru different fertilize ready paniruka pa…milk rice water .water banana .banana thol velam ellamae mix pani oru plastic bottle la potu close panita 1 week achu….😍😍😍

  4. thank you for your wonderful contributions. it helps for beginners like me.. your thamizh is honey dipped 🙂

    I have rice beer that's 2 weeks old. Is it fine to use? also what's the proportion to water for using rice beer.. could you please help 🙏🏽

  5. Hi friend very useful and easy fertilizers … really good…
    I'm watching your videos regularly and using the same..
    Congratulations 💐. Keep rocking 👍
    God bless you abundantly dear

    Your voice is very attractive 😍

  6. வீட்டில் புளித்த தயிர் உள்ளது. கற்பூர வள்ளி செடிக்கு, ஆடாதொடா செடிக்கு கொடுக்கலாமா
    கற்றாழைக்கு கொடுக்கலாமா

  7. மிகவும் அழகான விளக்கம்.நன்றி சகோதரி.
    மிகவும் பயனுள்ள தெளிவான விளக்கம்.

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